Power Point versus Traditional Chalk and Board Teaching: A Comparative Study among 1st year MBBS students in Anatomy

  • Aksh Dubey Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Swami Rama Himalayan University
  • Deepa Singh
  • S L Jethani


Background: The use of medical aids has been long associated with medical teaching with chalk and board and
power point being the main aids used at most institutions. There is a need to look into the strengths and
weaknesses of both so that improvements are made wherever required.
Aims and Objectives: To assess the perception of students towards the use of chalk and board and power point
presentations as teaching aids in the subject of Anatomy and to compare the learning outcomes of chalk and board
based sessions and power point presentation based sessions.
Methodology: Study was conducted on 142 students of 1st year MBBS in the subject of Anatomy. Students were
randomly divided into two groups of equal strength. Two topics of similar difficulty level were taught by chalk and
board and power point presentation sessions and later groups were crossed over. Paired t-test was used to
assess the scores of pre-test and post-test. Student feedback was taken using a 5-point Likert scale based
Results: The mean test scores of the post-test following chalk and board teaching were better when compared
with those of power points presentations. Power points presentations were better as far as interaction with
students and facing the audience is concerned whereas note taking and diagram drawing was better with chalk
and board.
Conclusion: Power point lectures are fast, clear and more informative while lectures by chalk and board method
are easily reproducible. No single method is perfect rather a combination of both the methods would be the most
effective method of teaching.
Key words:Teaching aids, chalk and board, power point

Apr 23, 2019
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