Isolated Tubercular Cholicystitis

  • Priyank Pathak Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Swami Rama Himalayan University
  • Shantanu Kumar Sahu
  • Saurabh Aggarwal
  • Nadia Shirazi
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Vrihaspati Kumar Agrahari
  • Hemant Kapruwan
  • Guruvansh Sachdeva
  • Ankit Gupta


Abstract: Tuberculosis was said to be the disease of poor, being more common in the developing countries. It is
obvious that tuberculosis of the gall bladder is a rare condition as the literature reveals only about 100 cases till
date. Due to the inhibitory effect of concentrated bile acids with its high alkalinity in the lumen, the gallbladder
mucosa remains highly resistant to tubercular infection. Cholelithiasis and cystic duct obstruction have been
considered as the most important factors in the development of gallbladder tuberculosis. We present a rare case
of isolated tubercular cholecystitis.
Key words: Gall bladder, tuberculosis, cholecystitis

Apr 23, 2019
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